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On this page I have put some of my books that I have read in genres.

Some are also liked up to reviews I have written.

But if you want to find some more books and more of my reviews, also what I am currently reading then I have a Goodreads account, so click on the link below.

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Hello world!

This is my very first of many posts. Yay!!

I have headed over here from Tumblr, where I already have a page, but I wanted to expand my blogging horizons and I feel like WordPress is more professional and nicer to use.

Why am I here?

Well I love reading, anything from romance to dystopian. Syfy to coming of age. And there is one thing that helps me decide what to read is reviews. I love to hear what people love and didn’t love about books, if they are worth reading or not. Sometimes I agree to the reviews and sometimes I don’t but I still love reading them.

So that is what this blog is going to be. Basically I will read a book and then I will post a review so hopefully somebody else might read a book and fall in love with the story all because of my review.

If you would like to go and visit my previous page it is,

I do also have a Goodreads account, so you can see what I have read, what I am currently reading and what I plan on reading, so go check it out and follow me,

So that’s my first post 😀

I will be back soon and post some more, see you guys soon,